My first flight with Noah

When Noah was only two months old, we were flying for the first time together.

This was a big challenge but I had to get through this. It was time for Noah to get to know his family abroad.

His father lives in Wales and therefore I travel alone with Noah most of the times.

Days in advance I was busy preparing what to bring and how… I had to carry my baby and the luggage on my own and on airplanes you can only take limited amounts.

How much you can bring on an aeroplane depends on the company, but you don’t want to hit the road like a donkey.

Because Noah was only two months old, I had to think about something to carry him up to our seat on the plane. The stroller was too much of a hassle: how should you do it at the security check and where do you put your baby when you fold the stroller together to board the plane?

I chose to carry Noah in a wrap. I liked this way of carrying him anyway. He was nice and cosy close to me and I had two hands to use. I had this nice flexible wrap. I could easily put him in there and take him out and put him back again without unwrapping.

For my luggage I invested in a backpack from ospray which fits 40 L it is just as big as a little suitcase you can carry along as hand luggage.

So I had my baby in the front, my backpack on my back. But in my backpack I couldn’t fit all the clothes for a week so I also took a little suitcase. I had my two hands free so I could also bring an extra bag for the baby stuff I needed on the way that had to be within reach.

With KLM I could check in one bag for Noah and as carry on luggage I could take three items. I didn’t take so much because that was impossible to carry.

Packed like a donkey we left the house. But before I arrived to the tram stop, which is like a 5minute walk, I decided that this was also the last time of traveling with 3 bags. Next time I’ll travel lighter! 2 bags is all I want to take!

The baby wrap was perfect! I’ll stick to that one!

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