Camping in Scotland

Camping in Scotland can go many different ways… Weather can be beautiful with blue skies and a lovely sun, it could be raining cats and dogs as well or 4 seasons in a day…

Camping is something I’ve done before with Noah. Most of the times I took the car because with the baby you also bring a lot of stuff. This summer travelling took us to Scotland. The scouts were celebrating their 100th anniversary and that was celebrated with a summer camp in Scotland.

We had to be there ofcourse!

But to be on move twice for 2 days on the bus, boat and bus was not something I looked forward to. Noah and i were travelling by plane!

By now we were used to travelling by plane a lot. Of course getting through customs was trouble again and also our stroller was not ready at the gate, but these are things quite common and we are used to them now. Luckily I had my big friend the wrap with me (although I got a good replacement carrier system now, only 2 clics and we’re ready to go)! Walking from the plane to the carousel was a bit easier now.

Because the scouts group went on a big jubileecamp, and they were renting a big lorry, I handed in my stuff like a car seat, tent and a very handy highchair in advance. Just to make life a bit easier!

Camping and being outside with fun people was just amazing! I drove Noah around the campsite with our cross country stroller! The stroller was holding a very big waterproof sheet containing all Noah’s toys. Where ever we went, I took it out for him to play. As he is not very fond of grass this was easy to keep him on the sheet! In the mornings when the grass was wet or when it was raining, I put him on the sheet in the big tent so he could have a little play. To keep him cosy and warm I put him slippers and a water proof suit on. Just in case he decided to explore on the grass.

Doing his naps was no problem at all! He slept as good as at home!

I carried this special Deryan pop-up tent with me.


It’s a little tent in the shape of a cot with a mosquito net. You can zip it all up so your baby stays in bed nicely and will not go round your tent and explore whatever is in there or gets eaten by mosquitoes. This little tent I put next to my own sleeping bag.

Mosquitoes were a problem in the morning during breakfast. But by putting a mosquito net over the stroller Noah was able to munch his breakfast quite relaxed.

I’ve been thinking quite a while for what to put him on in the night not to be cold. On his first camping trip, when he was eight weeks old, it was warm in the night and therefore pyjamas and baby sleeping bag in his own baby basket with a blanket was fine. At that time he’d lay quiet and calm in the bed. At the moment he’s twisting, turning and crawling everywhere and a normal children sleeping bag would be too big for him and too easy to loose.

I decided to put him on a pyjamas with a special outdoor fleece suit over it.


This suit had mittens on the sleeves to keep his hands warm. I topped it off with the baby sleeping bag with sleeves. He slept very well!

The biggest challenge actually was to go to the toilet in the mornings before feeding Noah. I was just too scared I would wake him up and he wanted to be fed instantly!